Clear Channel in San Diego: The Thin End of an Interesting Wedge

from The Art Newspaper
November 2004
By Adrian Ellis

Clear Channel是一家总部位于德克萨斯州的全球媒体和娱乐公司,市值290亿美元,去年宣布年利润超过10亿美元. It owns, inter alia, 1,202 radio stations, 36 TV stations and 770,000 billboards and is active in 65 countries. Since acquiring SFX entertainment in August 2000, it has extended its reach deep into the live entertainment industry, owning or leasing around 100 venues in the United States and Europe and producing, 宣传和展示个人艺术家,展示从摩托车、麦当娜到音乐剧的各种作品.

Its success is attributed to, first, 它能够通过整合娱乐产业中迄今为止分散的元素来实现规模经济和效率, second, 通过控制从艺人到消费者的整个供应链,创造收益的机会. Its rapid growth, primarily through acquisition, 它所占据的市场主导地位使它受到了一些人的怀疑和恐惧,这些人认为更加多元的所有权基础和不那么统一的规划政策将更好地det365首页于公众利益. 参议员约翰•麦凯恩(John McCain)提出了一项将拆分该公司的立法,但在国会以失败告终,而且该公司与监管当局有过多次广为人知的摩擦.

因此,金融分析师目前认为,只有在新市场找到收购目标,它才能继续保持非凡的增长, 因为它既打击了正式的立法对媒体所有权的限制,也打击了不那么正式的政治限制, notwithstanding close links with the Bush administration.

Clear Channel has a division, acquired three years ago, that conceives and develops exhibitions. It does this in conjunction with ‘content partners’ – often academic institutions or museums. It finds sponsors and then tours them round museums. 展览的详细信息和相关的租金可在清晰频道网站上找到.

These exhibitions have generally been in the science and natural history fields. The company has however recently begun to develop art exhibitions: two on Mexican-American art, “奇卡诺视觉”和“奇卡诺当下”已经从圣地亚哥当代艺术博物馆开始了巡演, and which draw on loans from the collector Cheech Marin; and a more ambitious show on "Saint Peter and the Vatican: The Legacy of the Popes," in association with the Vatican Museums, which is off on an eighteen month tour after its opening at the San Diego Museum of Art. A further large-scale exhibition on Troy is in the works. 他们没有在艺术页面上得到很好的评价——一般的观点是,他们是气体和轻量级的,缺乏核心的审美体验,一个人合理地期望一个艺术展览.

Museum professionals are, meanwhile, 好奇的动机和策略:为什么这个激进的商业实体会在高雅艺术或遗产的贫瘠和危险的土地上停留片刻. It may be difficult to divine the precise rationale for Clear Channel moving into such a fastidious, self-regarding and arcane field, but one can take a stab, and it says something about the future of the sector.

世界各地的艺术博物馆都很习惯他们的临时展览计划,一方面包括策展和联合策展,另一方面是展示或“购买”的展览. Nor do they only take in exhibitions generated by other museums. 美国艺术联合会(American Federation for the Arts)和国际文化交流委员会(Commission for International Cultural Exchange)等非营利组织为这个市场det365首页.

The ratio of self-generated to bought-in shows is, however, changing. 许多地区和地方博物馆感到越来越无法在内部维持策划和安装临时展览所需的技能. 什么在历史上被视为博物馆的基本属性,现在却被视为一种奢侈品. 虽然一些临时展览提供了一个背景,在这个背景下,通过研究和展示中产生和传播的新见解,人们对相关领域的理解得以加深, as many do not. They are ephemeral assemblages and recognized as such. The link between temporary exhibitions and deepening scholarly understanding is an imperfect one. As Maxwell Anderson, Director of the Whitney between 1998 and 2003, put it: "What's troubling, as you know, 是不是有些导演会不顾教育价值而扑向那些已经录制好的大型节目,因为他们认为如果他们不这样做,董事会就会认为他们是“女色男”, their colleagues will otherwise pass them over for the next major shows on offer, or the possibility of a surplus is just too tantalizing to resist. "

这些趋势提供了一个清晰频道原则上可以det365首页的市场,只要它能产生产品来迎合它. Indeed, 在世界各地有临时展览的博物馆中,代表着需要填补的痛苦空缺的空间每天都在开放. Think of the Chinese market alone – where the government has asserted a target of over 1,000 new museums. With so many ‘just add water’ museums in the pipeline, few of which are being planned or budgeted with the resources to programme the highly specified, often gorgeous, temporary exhibition spaces they will contain.

Clear Channel is in some ways well positioned to ‘generate product’. Specifically, in contrast to its non-profit competitors, it has the deep pockets required to invest in research and development if so inclined; and it understands from its live entertainment business how to turn fragmented, bespoke, top-heavy, craft based activities into streamlined and industrialized ones. 但它的缺点是没有——或者可能还没有——在博物馆行业内拥有足够的来源,以确保获得举办艺术展览所需的足够原材料...specifically, art. Hence the ratio of facsimiles and flim-flam in its art exhibitions to date.

因此,看清楚频道和贷款机构之间的对话如何进展将是一件有趣的事情, 至于博物馆是否被要求向Clear Channel借出文物,将在借出费和保险赔偿之外设定条件,以确保作为其表面存在理由的策展和学术标准得到尊重.

清晰频道进军艺术展览的行为,应该根据它的价值来评判,而不是根据该公司在娱乐行业所背负的包袱,也不是根据它作为利润提供者的侵扰者来讨好非营利组织. The criteria should, rather, be the quality of any individual exhibition; the originality and robustness of ancillary scholarship; and the quality of the alternatives. Clear Channel的提议可能会为博物馆部门提供一个背景,使其能够以低成本和智能的方式处理其已获得的临时展览空间的潜在挑战. Let is hope that others, for profit or nonprofit, give Clear Channel a run for its money.

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